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About Me

Arriving at a guest house to review an interactive restaurant experience, a small girl stared up and me and asked “Are you the trouble maker?”.  Her father, the Chef, had told her a Travel Writer was coming, but out of the mouth of babes!


I’m a travel writer specialising in southern and east Africa safari. After visiting 250 safari lodges (probably more than anyone else in the world), as author of several coffee table books, guide books and hundreds of travel articles and websites, a British friend exclaimed, “you are a Safari Tart!”  I have a blog and Instagram in this tongue-in-cheek name  @safari_ tart


But, you’ve landed here at my portfolio of work. It’s a showcase of just some of the many articles and books I’ve written and had published. It’s here to entertain, inform and encourage you to contact me to provide written content for you in the form of


  • Articles

  • Social media

  • Website content

  • Newsletters

  • Blog posts


Let’s talk: +27 829765905

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